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Our conversations are never ‘one to one’… they are ‘one to thousands’. We want to get a reaction out of everyone we speak to, from our clients to their customers (loyal to lost). This is our platform for a ‘Marketing Communications Agency’ that understands brands, consumers and channels inside out.
When we know how people are speaking about your brand, we can in turn speak to them how they want to be spoken to. Our fully informed approach to communications, solves business problems – it is intelligent content, driven by behaviour, delivered through Kanjo.

An unparalleled insight

Take the ‘Consumer View™’
Behaviour is a great thing… it’s never the same in any two people. Everyone is unique and we need ‘Consumer View™’ to find the common ground between each member of an audience, allowing us to leverage the best reaction from a bespoke communication.
This is Kanjo thinking unlike an agency, unlike a client, but as a consumer. Allowing us an unparalleled insight into how people think about brands – in fact how they perceive any aspect of any business. It is total relevancy in complete real time, converted into a persuasive argument.
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